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  • Women who’ve experienced violence often feel isolated and alone…

  • Sometimes they feel afraid and that they have no where to turn…

  • If you feel this way, Women’s Habitat wants you to know we are here for you…

  • And whether you need our Shelter or Outreach services, we can help…

  • And please know, it can get better. Call us.


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Tis the Season of Need

As we head into the holiday season this year, some things feel "back to normal" with fewer restrictions and mandates in place... but nothing is normal about what has come in the wake of the pandemic and global cultural and - Continue Reading

NEWS: CANIFFF Supports Women’s Habitat

We are thrilled to announce that the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival has chosen Women's Habitat as one of two charity partners for this year's events. As one of the top Fashion Film Festivals in the world, - Continue Reading

Get Your Company in the Community!

Studies have shown that companies that support volunteering efforts of their employees have lower staff turnover rates, and stronger relationships between colleagues. Volunteering promotes trust and camaraderie by building - Continue Reading