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  • Women who’ve experienced violence often feel isolated and alone…

  • Sometimes they feel afraid and that they have no where to turn…

  • If you feel this way, Women’s Habitat wants you to know we are here for you…

  • And whether you need our Shelter or Outreach services, we can help…

  • And please know, it can get better. Call us.


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Join Our Board of Directors – Deadline: July 11, 2022

Interested in contributing some valuable time to an important cause? Apply to our Board of Directors here and play an important part in our culture of philanthropy, and our mission to address violence against women and - Continue Reading

Grilling to Give Back

We’re so excited to get back into the community - this time alongside Furlani Foods - to be a part of this year’s Grilled Cheese Challenge! An iconic event in South Etobicoke, they’ve (finally!) returned and we’re grilling - Continue Reading

WHE Opinion: Depp vs Heard

As a multi-service feminist organization that supports victims and survivors of domestic violence, we conscientiously observe the world and conversations around us, and in particular the media and public narrative when it - Continue Reading